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Black Motion ‘Ya Badimo’ releases on limited edition Vinyl


Black Motion ‘Ya Badimo’ releases on limited edition Vinyl


After years of dreaming about it, finally Black Motion have released their fast selling, GOLD-certified album, Ya Badimo, on limited edition vinyl.
Staying authentic to the roots of house music, which started with the vinyl, the duo has married the richness that comes with the medium and their distinct African sound. The double vinyl offering will no doubt be highly sought after given that there is only a limited number available in the South African market.

Upon opening the packaging you will find the said two vinyl discs plus a unique download code that will give you access to the entire Ya Badimo album on MP3 with exclusive extended tracks!

The Black Motion vinyl is now available throughout select traditional music retail stores across the country. Make sure to purchase your limited edition vinyl to avoid disappointment.


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