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Gadgets that Millennials should have by now


Gadgets that Millennials should have by now

Millenials are the first generation of digital natives, and they’re the key market for tech manufacturers.
You will notice that almost every aspect of the 21-34 years demographic’s mobile and energetic lifestyle is integrated with technology. And to get hands on, we’ve decided to put together a list of 10 of the hottest tech gadgets for Millenials:


As a generation of endless photos, videos and the love for Instagram, a camera comes handy for almost every millennial. Either you want to capture some personal photos, fashion moments, cool moments at an event, a camera will simplify that part for you.
CANON – IXUS 180 BLACK | Available @ Dionwired for R1,799



Tablets are a smaller version of computers. Easier to carry around without worrying about space & weight. Tablet can be used to have access internet, access emails, social media, do research about the things you are interested in , edit & create documents, shoot videos & photos. For anyone who loves travelling this is definitely a must have.
SAMSUNG – GALAXY 7″ TABLET | Available @ Dionwired from R2, 799



We live in the computer age. Kids learn computers before they learn to talk in some cases. If you do not have a computer/notebook at home, you have one at work. Most people have them at work and at
home. Carrying a notebook around makes life easier to check on emails, social media, type/edit documents, do research… after all it gets the job done.
LENOVO IDEAPAD 110 N3060 | Available @ Incredible Connection for R4,999


Portable Gaming Console

Gamers know that anytime is game time. And a portable gaming Console is an answer to this. Either you’re in a cab, waiting in a long queue or chilling with friends you can still catch up on some gaming. For this one, we will recommend Nintendo’s latest console ‘Nintendo Switch’; portable and offers ability to enjoy gaming anytime, anywhere.
NINTENDO SWITCH | Available @ Takealot for R5,099


Travel Power Bank

Millenials are mass users of smartphones, and smartphones suck when it comes to battery life! if you spend more time on your smartphone messing around with apps all day, a power bank will come handy to give you more juice when you’re low.
LINKCOMN 10400MAH POWER BANK | Available @ Incredible Connection for R699


Bluetooth Speakers

There’s a number of portable bluetooth speakers that offer great sound quality, and the most recent innovation is waterproof design. This suits millennials perfectly for when they need to take to listen to their own playlist on the go; you can carry it anywhere, including the shower, the pool or the beach.


Selfie Stick

Who enjoys taking a bunch of selfies more than Millenials? well, it’s only them. Taking a selfie on your smartphone can be tricky sometimes. And that’s why there’s a selfie stick to help you get a perfect shot, from any angle and distance.


Portable Turntable

From classic to the future, Vinyl has made a massive comeback recently, and a number of artists are releasing their music on the same format. And that’s why you need a portable Turntable player with built-in speakers, a headphone jack and auxiliary input.
CROSLEY PORTABLE TURNTABLE | Available @ Incredible Connection for R1,599


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