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Apple Music is coming to Facebook Messenger and more features


Apple Music is coming to Facebook Messenger and more features

With over 1.2 billion users every month, Facebook Messenger is daily growing their platform! And this new move comes as no surprise.
Apple Music is soon to be available on Messenger platform, this is after the social network announced that Spotify integration will be available on the platform at launch.

“I’m really excited to share with you that Apple Music will soon be on the platform as well”

Messenger head David Marcus said.

Other features coming to Messenger includes;

Discover tab – This allows people to find the bot for Messenger they’re looking for in an intuitive and thoughtful way, right from the home screen in Messenger. Facebook has also enabled discovery in the physical world with new parametric Messenger codes.This gives people the option to scan Messenger Codes through the Messenger camera and link to brands and businesses.

Chat Extensions – This allows multiple people to chat with the same business at the same time.

Smart Replies – enables Pages to respond to FAQs

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