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Boity Thulo and Skhumba to host a new motoring show


Boity Thulo and Skhumba to host a new motoring show

Mzansi Magic wil launch an exciting motoring show

Something new for our screens…

Boity Thulo and Skhumba will host a new TV show. Coming to Mzansi Magic in May, ‘Change Down’ is a weekly motoring show which will showcase different cars and explore the motoring culture.

The weekly show will showcase a variety of wheels‚ from basic rides to luxury cars‚ and delve into motoring culture from townships to the suburbs.
Furthermore, the show will showcase the flavour of South African motoring, from ekasi to the suburbs, featuring entry level to luxury cars. Renowned South African motoring gurus will also be on-board, to provide expert reviews and insights on the best car for the typical consumer.

The show’s also lined up an exciting competition and some great prizes: a pimped up BMW Gusheshe, a brand-new Audi A3, an all-expenses paid holiday, as well as a chance to be on the show and race against your favourite celebrity. Competition details will be available on the BP Southern Africa and the Change Down Facebook pages.

The 13-episode motoring lifestyle show will authentically showcase the pros & cons of all types of vehicles, from entry level (starter packs) to luxury cars. The show will feature information segments with useful tips which enable consumers to make informed choices when purchasing a vehicle.

Segments featured will include:

The guru inserts – what to look for when buying a second-hand car/driving in heels;
The hotness test – which entry level car attracts the most fans;
Car wash review – a review by the car washers on what cars they love washing the most;
The celeb lap – various South African celebrities will race against a randomly selected viewer on a race track;
Fuel that helps you drive longer – tips on using high premium fuel, and understanding on the importance of keeping your engine running at its optimal level.

Catch Change Down will debut on 01 May at 7PM only on Mzansi Magic.

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