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Amanda Du Pont’s Best Streetwear Fashion Moments


Amanda Du Pont’s Best Streetwear Fashion Moments

When we talking Streetwear Fashion, we talking the biggest fragment in the apparel industry – think of a mash-up of retro cotton sweatshirts, ripped jeans, sweat pants, dope t-shirts and obviously some dope kicks to complete your look.

  1. casual clothing of a style worn especially by members of various urban youth subcultures.
    “she was one of the first mainstream artists to champion streetwear, wearing oversized hoodies and graphic tees”

On the rise, the streetwear culture was known to be a male-dominated, and for most females, it was more of a “steal from the boys,” fast forward it has become the foremost preferred style for a cozy look in the female world.

Actress, model and television personality, Amanda Du Pont is a fanatic of the streetwear/cozy movement known for mixing high fashion brands with streetwear, her easy look for a day can be a track pants/jogger pants, t-shirt and a pair of Yeezy’s or NMDs or maybe a ripped jean. Jumping to her Instagram you will bump into her rocking Vintage versions of the labels including, Gucci, Champion, Supreme and Bathing Ape.

For that, we have put together some of Amanda Du Pont’s best streetwear fashion moments:


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