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Segway Ninebot Mini Pro is the coolest hoverboard & it’s easy to ride


Segway Ninebot Mini Pro is the coolest hoverboard & it’s easy to ride

We recently got our hands on the Ninebot Mini Pro and this has to be the coolest hoverboard. Well, this is way too different from the normal hoverboard that requires much technique and balance.


Learning to ride, is easy…

As mentioned, Ninebot Mini Pro is the easiest to ride and hands-free. You simply switch it on, adjust a fraction, put on your safety helmet and you’re ready to go. The device is automatic to keep you balanced, all you have to do is lean forward if you want to go forward, and you can control the speed by adjusting the weight of your body backwards to reduce the speed.



High performance and ready for normal road conditions

Ninebot Mini Pro offers The high-performance, cutting-edge control algorithm which works in tandem with various sensors and advanced processors for maximum flexibility and ease of use. Best to ride on flat and concrete/tar surfaces the Mini Pro will take you 30KM on a journey of fun. You don’t have to even worry about the steep and hump surfaces, and thanks to the dynamic power algorithm that automatically identifies small obstacle or slopes, and dynamically adjusts the power.


You can ride it even at night or dark environments

The Mini Pro comes with a headlight and LED taillights that automatically turns on on dark environments. The front headlight illuminates the way ahead, and you can adjust the brightness by up to five meters
based on the ambient light. The two LED taillights are blue by default, becoming red when you brake and yellow in the direction you turn.



Weight, Distance and Power

The weight is much reasonable considering all the features and powerful engine. It weighs up to 12.8 kg making it easy to pack in or travel with. As mentioned above you’re able to travel up to 30KM and thanks to the 18650 lithium battery for sustainable power at 1200 W.


Connect and control with your smartphone (Bluetooth)

More advanced, Mini Pro allows you to get the full control using Bluetooth. You simply download the app on your smartphone and connect it with Mini Pro through Bluetooth. On the app you’re able to control the device remotly, monitor/adjust the speed, see tempatarute and the milage travelled.


Buying and the price tag

The price is very much fair considering all the features, capabilities, design and high-performance. You can purchase Mini Pro either in Black or White color, available at iStore for R9999.


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