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YoMZansi will introduce 4 new channels on Dstv

News will introduce 4 new channels on Dstv will introduce 4 new e-channels to the DStv platform from Wednesday, 17 May 2017.
This major partnership means that multichannel now offers movies, series and kids’ programming to millions of new viewers.

eExtra (Channel 195): is the home of premium entertainment in HD offering international series, reality shows, telenovelas and quality dramas like House and Burn Notice, with a focus on young, urban, modern and cosmopolitan content.

eMovies+ (Channel 138): is the go-to destination for wall-to-wall entertainment, covering all genres from Romance to Comedy, Drama to Action and family-friendly films. Expect a good fight, a good laugh, and 24-hour superstars.

eMovies Extra (Channel 140): is the home of big-screen legends and Hollywood favourites, broadcasting blockbuster Action and Suspense movies in prime time and family-friendly movies, during the daytime hours.

eToonz+ (Channel 311): offers children’s programming for toddlers to tweens, offering endless adventures and exciting tales – a world of animated and live-action fun.

“This partnership between and the continent’s largest pay television and video entertainment provider gives us an opportunity to deliver top class entertainment to South African viewers,” says eMedia Investments COO, Mark Rosin. “With a focus on quality content and expansion of the brand into more homes across the country, this partnership represents an important part of our plans for the growth of the brand”.

eMovies+ (Channel 138) and eMovies Extra (Channel 140) will be available to DStv Access, Family, Compact, Extra and Premium customers. eExtra (Channel 195) and eToonz+ (Channel 311) will be available to DStv EasyView, Access, Family, Compact, Extra and Premium customers.


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