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INTERVIEW: Tumi Voster on Music, Fashion, Food and Social Media


INTERVIEW: Tumi Voster on Music, Fashion, Food and Social Media

We caught up with TV/Radio personality – Tumi Voster to find out what more she enjoys besides the work. We chat about her interests in Food, Music, Fashion and of course the social media.


How do you define your style of fashion?
My style is chic, playful and very personal. I don’t like to be boxed or become predictable. I enjoy playing around with different looks but always adding a personal touch to my looks.

Do you use fashion as a tool of self-expression somehow?
Absolutely, I definitely use fashion as a tool of self-expression. I regard my style as an extension of my personality hence I always use it to voice out creativity in different ways – be it sportswear or high fashion. I am also very experimental when it comes to my sense of style. I always unleash my creativity and allow it to go wild – from looks, to colours to my mood for the day. All of these things affect how I put together particular looks.

What’s your favourite fashion trend at the moment?
I am obsessed with the athleisure trend. I am finding so much joy in using sportswear to meet my daily needs. Pulling off a fashionable sportswear look is not easy but I have somehow managed to pull it off quite nicely and also play around in that space – fitness and comfort meets lifestyle!

What do you like to wear when you feel like not giving an ish & no one’s looking?
I live by the words that you are addressed the way you are dressed…So, naturally, every day is dress up day for me.



What’s the latest album you bought?
I am loving the Kendrick Lamar – DAMN. album

Which type are you….. DOWNLOAD music OR you STREAM music?
I stream music

Which are top 5 artists currently dominating your playlist?
Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Black Motion, The Weeknd and AKA
Your get up and go song (that song which keeps you charged up & keeps you motivated every day)
Without a doubt, Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE.




Are you a foodie?
I am a foodie of note! In fact, eating good food is one of my favorite things in the whole world.

3 of your fav restaurants at the moment?
Marble , Rosebank
Flames, Westcliff Hotel
Big Mouth, Sandton City

Which meal do you best enjoy at restaurants….Breakfast or Lunch or Dinner?
I love lunch. It’s so refreshing to take some time out of the daily hustle to just forget about everything and eat. Also there’s something poetic and sensual about the lunchtime climate that adds to the enjoyment of the meal.

Which food/meal you would never get tired of anyday /anytime?
Sushi. I think Sushi was invented on a Sunday by God himself.

Who is that one person you still want to share a meal with?
Beyoncé. I mean who else is there really?




If you had to choose one…..Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat? And why?
I am an Instagram girl. I love visuals and pictures. I also love expressing myself through pictures. Its also a plus that everyone is perfect and has a perfect life on Intagram…and natural there’s less unhappy and angry people in the insta-streets LOL

How would you describe your use of social media?
I am happy user. I like positive energy on my pages, conversations, pics or posts. I keep most of my private life quite private but I do share my social interests and experiences.

How do you deal with criticism on social media? People tweet their minds and are free to put on a negative comment that can be hurtful
I don’t allow any negative energy into my space, so if you want to be negative you will be blocked. Thank goodness we have that option to block any content we don’t want to receive from particular users. Also, I get so many people who shower me with love …and that always outweighs the negative to be quite honest.

Have you ever tweeted/ insta posted something but later realised …dammm let me delete it?
I do it all the time. It’s usually not that serious, I delete posts all the time if I think out loud, post something and later just realise snap! Maybe it’s not worth the post and I take it down.

Which famous person blocked you on Twitter/Insta & why?
Hmmmmm… I don’t know really, I don’t check!

Are you also those people who receive random and silly DMs from strangers on someone you didn’t expect?
Yeah all the time, but it’s usually supporters showing a whole lot of love which I appreciate 



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