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Our Favourite MAXHOSA outfits


Our Favourite MAXHOSA outfits

Using traditional Xhosa beadwork motifs and patterns, MaXhosa celebrates the rich heritage of the Xhosa culture through providing traditional clothing for Xhosa initiation rituals.

The brand is founded by Laduma Ngxokolo ; a young South African designer who incorporates his own Xhosa culture into his knitwear designs. Laduma started MaXhosa in early 2011 and has since continued to captivate audiences both locally and internationally. His main objective is to capture his culture in his knitwear to maintain his heritage that he finds is dying out. Laduma uses locally sourced textiles like Mohair and uses the patterns found in traditional African beadwork as his inspiration.

Let’s have a look at our favourite MAXHOSA outfits :











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