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10 Important Lessons ‘MTV Shuga DS’ taught us about Sex & Relationships


10 Important Lessons ‘MTV Shuga DS’ taught us about Sex & Relationships

Photo: MTVShuga

Sadly we had to say goodbye to MTV Shuga – Season 5, dubbed ‘Down South’.
With more new characters and a great storyline, the series brought nothing but more lessons to learn. Fusing sexual and other public health messaging with world-class storytelling and appealing, believable characters, MTV Shuga DS brought us 11 episodes with each portraying a topic related to sex or relationships.

Below we share with you 10 important lessons we learned from the series:

1. Never take your partner’s word when it comes to sexual history and HIV status, get tested. Trust is not always enough.

2. Never under any circumstances “sell” yourself for sexual engagement in return for money. Money is not alpha and omega.

3. Buying gifts for someone does not equate to ownership of that person.

4. You always have a choice, don’t let temptations rule over you.

5. Ladies, you are not punching bags. Leave a toxic relationship, do not wait for things to go wrong first.

6. In a “mixed status” relationship, as a couple, take steps to prevent further infection for the other partner and live a healthy life together.

7. Empower yourself, find out about different contraceptive methods to curb unwanted pregnancies.

8. Being on contraceptives doesn’t mean you can engage in unprotected sex. It still doesn’t prevent the contraction of HIV #Condomise

9. In a classic case of teenage pregnancy, never ever under any circumstance do an illegal abortion.

10. Allow yourself to explore your sexuality and preferences.


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