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REVIEW: Huawei P10 – Curvy, Light, great Performance and improved Camera


REVIEW: Huawei P10 – Curvy, Light, great Performance and improved Camera

Huawei has raised the bar with their latest flagship smartphone, the P10. The Huawei P10 introduces groundbreaking, new camera technology, super-fast charging and a sleek overall design.


Design: Light in weight and Curved

First, let’s notice the much room P10 brings, it’s only 6.98mm thick and it’s very light weight making this phone a phones a pleasure to hold. We also see new curved edges which make the design more sleek and attractive. But we cannot shy away from the point that, the design almost came close to that of iPhone 6. From a distance, one might even mistaken both smartphones.
The back of the phone is metalic and has ‘dazzling’ colour options which offer a shiny, reflective effect. Not sure if here in SA we’re limited with colorways, but it P10 comes in black, rose gold, silver, and blue. So the design is a stunner, great colorways, simple design on the back and so light in weight.


Display: Bright and colourful

If you recall Huawei P9 had a 5.2-inch screen, the P10 is smaller still, boasting a 5.1-inch screen, 1080p resolution display.
If you’re looking for a better quality screen but still want a Huawei, though, all is not lost. Still, P10 offers a bright and colourful display — and that’s what really matters here.


Camera: Innovative and new improvements

Huawei P10 introduces a bunch of new improvements with innovative imagery tools.

The rear offering boasts a huge 20MP monochrome sensor, which works in sync with the 12MP colour lens. The sensor supposedly boost the detailing of each image you take, making them sharper and crisper than usual. Nice.

What’s more, if you’re something of a selfie addict, you will adore the Leica Portrait and Beautification modes. Used together, these two improve facial tracking and help you to always show your best side no matter what. If you want to capture more images at night, the dual camera’s Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) solution will help reduce motion blur and ‘noise’, allowing you to snap superb night shots.


Extra features: improved security and navigation

With security as one of the most important factor, Huawei P10 carries the ultra-snazzy fingerprint scanner which is just under the screen, but don’t be puzzled this is no a button…so be easy with the fingers.

But not only that, you can use the scanner’s sensitivity to navigate between tabs. At first, users may find this aspect of the phone hard to handle, but in time, it should be easy enough to use. The idea is that the device is highly sensitive and can detect small movements.
The ultra-fast Kirin 960 processor keeps gives P10 a great performance compared to other smartphones on the market.


Should you buy the Huawei P10?

Yes, the design is great, the camera technology is much great, and this is a 100% improvement from P9. So if you’re looking for a simple smartphone which offers more in quality, security, features then you can consider getting a P10. The price tag goes anything around R12 000.


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