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ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Reason ‘Love Girls’ [REVIEW]


ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Reason ‘Love Girls’ [REVIEW]

Rapper – Reason has recently released his fifth studio album ‘Love Girls.’ This is an edition where Reason shares his experience from different women.


The album cover

Reason kept the cover clean and simple. The art displays two cassettes which represent the sound /music and are arranged in a form of a heart shape to represent love. And the main colour which is red is an obvious factor to the concept of the art.
The title of the album is written in black just below the main art. All in all, this is a an attractive cover and wouldn’t miss it if you went shopping for the album or searching on your streaming platform.

Into the Music

The album is produced entirely by The Boys Upstairs (Instro, Hopemasta & Noyas). Packed with 14-tracks, the album has solid featured guests; Kwesta, BK, Moozlie, Moneoa, Melo B Jones, Gemini Major and Ginger Trill to mention a few.

On the content of the album, Reason decided to share monologues from different women – whom all define the type they are and their views on men. The sound of the album starts on an easy and mellow note and sinks onto a groovy note till the last track.

The album kicks off with ‘Songs About Girls’ which takes us back to the 80s with its funky retro beat and classic elements. ‘Dangerous’ a song where Reason makes it clear to women that he is not a perfect man and is still fighting his demons. Another interesting jam ‘The Girl Upstairs (The Blessed Girl)’ takes us back to the ‘Blesser’ subject. In this case, Reason talks about this Blessed Girl who gets everything she wants, all the attention, rent paid, champagne served, and all N****s with money wants a piece of her.

On ‘No Offence’ – a smooth groovy jam, Reason invites Kwesta to throw in some solid bars with his authentic – kasi rap flow.

‘So Beautiful (The New Girl)’ is another interesting and groovy jam. On this one Reason sides with his girl who made it clear that ‘she’s scared of the scene, scared of what is and whatever could be’…but regardless, the rapper assures her they got a beautiful thing.

Other jams you will enjoy on the album; Celebrity, New Kicks, Pdycm, Lovey and super love jam ‘The Blues’ featuring Moneoa.

Each song on the album represents a different type of girl & tells his story & perception of her from the Good, Happy & Perfect Girl to the Blessed, Angry & Bad Girl, Reason paints a very vivid picture of each girl throughout the album assisted by interludes from various woman explaining their reasons for why they are that type of girl.

The album is currently available for purchase on all major digital platforms.


Rating: 8/10

Genre: Hip-hop

Release date: 30 June 2017

Label: Promise Land Entertainment

Number of Tracks: 14


If you haven’t checked it out, you can stream the entire album below:



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