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Take a look at NBA’s refreshed logo


Take a look at NBA’s refreshed logo

NBA (National Basketball Association) is refreshing its logo used on everything from merchandising and apparel to digital and social media assets. This marks the first such update in 48 years.

Originally designed in 1969, the NBA logo has remained unchanged throughout its brand journey. The new logo will remain essentially the same with slight changes to its typeface and colors. A modified version of Action font, customized for the league, will be used for the letters N-B-A in the primary logo. The taller, leaner typeface embodies the NBA game and its athletes. The logo’s colors will also feature richer hues of red and blue for enhanced visibility on all NBA assets.

In addition, the league’s secondary logo will also be updated to incorporate the revised typeface and colors with the letters N-B-A alongside logoman.

The full rollout will take effect in 2018, with staggered implementation underway across the NBA’s wider brand collateral.


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