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Here are the Best G-Shock Watches you can Buy right now


Here are the Best G-Shock Watches you can Buy right now

It’s just time for Spring and most people are looking forward to bring out their colourful outfits and essentials.
And when it comes to Watches, we all have tons of choices; either you’re about colors, brand name, quality or design. Casio’s G-Shock comes top when it comes to their wide range of designs. So to spice up your Watch collection this Spring, here are G-Shock Watches you can buy right now:


G-Shock GD-350-1BDR

Price: R2,549.00
Buy Here

Vibration Alert -This new G-SHOCK is designed and engineered for those special dark, secret missions that demand something extra. The timer function is has a large, specially designed easily identifiable dedicated button for quick and sure operation under the toughest of conditions.



Price: R2,889.00
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This model has an overall matte finish that is accented by neon colors like those used for high tech sneakers and fashion items, which is used on the analog hands and bezel markings. The band is produced using a bi-color molding process, so the color of the inside of the band in combination with button colors creates a pop design.


G-Shock GA-110DB-7ADR

Price: R3,144.00
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This model was made possible through collaboration between Dutch DJ Dash Berlin and G-SHOCK, which has long been a strong supporter of artists and others in the world music scene. The base model is the GA-110, which has been used for a variety of different collaboration models. The overall color of this model is white, which is the theme color of Sensation Amsterdam, purportedly the most beautiful music festival in the world. This is accented by pink gold for the face and buckle. The band ring, band, and back cover all sport the Dash Berlin logo.


Baby-G BGA-190BE-4ADR

Price: R2,804.00
Buy Here

From BABY-G, the casual watch for today’s active woman, comes a new Beach Color Series of pastel colored models in the image of seashells and other marine scenes. Choose from among three different models: the BGA-180BE with a Tide Graph function for surfers and other marine sports lovers, the BGA-190BE that simultaneously shows the current time in two times zones, and the mannish design BA-110BE.



Price: R2,294.00
Buy Here

Powerful functions come packed in a configuration designed to stand up to rigorous work environment along with a CORDURA®* nylon fabric band that is stronger than nylon. This type of band is made of materials that are both light and very strong, while providing extremely high resistance to stretching, wear, and tearing. The band ring is made of stainless steel. The monotone coloring of this watch give it a bold and powerful look that is suitable for any situation where the going might get tough.


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