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WATCH: Stilo Magolide debuts ‘Sefolosha’ music video


WATCH: Stilo Magolide debuts ‘Sefolosha’ music video

Stilo Magolide has just released the visuals for his latest single “Sefolosha”.
The song is rich with elements of soul trap and a 2190 swang that sees Stilo ride the beat with an eloquence that only he can. The video attributes Tropicana aesthetics, which is a theme that has always been in Stilo Magolide’s vibe as an artist and a brand.

The Sefolosha video is painted with the wit, charisma and a gloomy romance that has given the video a sensual feel, with the poppin of Henny (Hennessy)giving it a jiggy feel. The production of “Sefolosha” explores a cadence that compliments his bouncy flow, wordplay and distinctive lyricism. It is thought-provoking to think of the expressions of what his fans will discover when they witness the visuals of the song.


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