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ALBUM OF THE WEEK: The Rhythm Sessions ‘Music Is Love’ [REVIEW]


ALBUM OF THE WEEK: The Rhythm Sessions ‘Music Is Love’ [REVIEW]

House Music duo – The Rhythm Sessions: Edsoul and Fang DaRhythm have finally put out their anticipated debut project ‘Music is Love’ which makes it as our Album of the week.

We did manage to stream the entire album and pretty much impressed by the solid work the duo delivered.


The album cover

Even though the cover of the album is not of the best work and creativity, The Rhythm Sessions decided to keep it old school with using their faces on the artwork, with a red theme effect which reflects more of their photos and the club scene vibe. The background is kept clean and white to allow the main image to stand out.
The title of the album is written in red with cursive. The black and white image and colors make it easier to recognize, so you wouldn’t miss it if you went shopping for the album or searching on your streaming platform.


Into the Music

The album is packed with 14 super tracks spreading the message of love and life and it features a number of much-talented vocalists; Wanda Baloyi, Portia Monique, S-Tone, Kholi, Tumelo, Mpande, Georgie Munetsi and more. The entire sound of the album can be defined as deep and soulful vocal House Music with groovy and jazzy elements added on a number of tracks. If you have your whole heart to deep House Music and have been following the genre years, you will easily relate to the entire ‘Music is Love’ concept. The project carries on the roots of House Music and we can strongly say this is a solid album for all the House Music fans.

The introduction of the album Touching You nicely paves a way into the full tracklist with a mellow and easy sound, completed by well-orchestrated vocals by Oscar. No Love (feat. Wanda Baloyi), I’m a Specialist (feat. Sheldon) and Cure (Portia Monique) are three of The Rhythm Sessions’ signature jams, with a complete funky and groovy vibe. The Rhythm (feat. Teejay) is another melodic tune with a heavy flow of the piano. Wanda Baloyi returns with her heart-soothing singing on Love Illusion, a jazzy and soulful jam. Other massive jams you will enjoy on the tracklist include; Dance with Me, Emancipation, Love is Universal, One Step, Kwese Kwese and Reaching.

Like mentioned above, this is a solid album for all the House Music fans and it’s a very solid presentation from Edsoul and Fang DaRhythm.


Rating: 6/10
Genre: Dance/House Music
Release date: 24 Auguts 2017
Label: The Rhythm Imprints
Number of Tracks: 14


If you haven’t checked it out, you can stream the entire album below:


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