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Power Season 5 coming in 2018 and will introduce major changes


Power Season 5 coming in 2018 and will introduce major changes

Ghost, Tommy and Kanan are back together

Power just concluded the fourth Season and already the fifth is on the bake.
Looking at Season 4 finale, we saw Ghost (Omari Hardwick), Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora) and Kanan (50 Cent) coming together to go against the biggest enemy- who in this case is Dre (Rotimi).

Creator of the show, Courtney Kemp Agboh recently had a chat with Deadline to spill more beans about Season 5:

KEMP: “It’s an interesting thing because it’s actually kind of a strange bedfellows moment. Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan are having a reunion, and as we like to call it, a family reunion. So as family reunions go, just to say it, it’s always still the same thing with family. All those relationships shift and have different resentments, and old hurts, and old wounds, and all those things are still kind of all working underneath the surface. So, right now, we’ve got these three guys with three distinct agendas all united under the idea of killing Dre.”




Agboh further revealed that major changes will be introduced on Season 5:

“The plan is to make some huge moves and some huge cast changes in Season 5, for sure. So the show, at the very least, is going to transform into something slightly different as we go forward.”

The premiere date has not yet been revealed, we only know that it will come in 2018.

Source: deadline


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