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Dove slammed for ‘racist’ Facebook advertising campaign


Dove slammed for ‘racist’ Facebook advertising campaign


Beauty and Personal care product, Dove caused a storm on social media after posting a “racist” advert.

This surfaced when the company released a series of “racist” photos which shows a black woman who turns white after using their product.

The Facebook ad campaign was removed, but a user by name of @NayTheMua, saw the photos and shared them on her feed.

With a bunch of comments slamming Dove, others think the brand was trying to portray a message that shows that the product can be used by all races.



But all this scenario did was open old wounds. And this goes back to 2011 when they were accused of being racist after releasing an ad which showed Before and After with three women and used a Black woman as their Before point and a white woman as their After point – this is after using their product.

Dove apologized for the post….

And even the Minister of Arts and Culture, Nathi Mthetwa slammed the brand for such act…

Source: bbc


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