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OUR EXPERIENCE AT: The Castle Lite Ice Bar 2017


OUR EXPERIENCE AT: The Castle Lite Ice Bar 2017

Here’s a glimpse of our experience at the Castle Lite Ice Bar 2017.

Yesterday we stopped by at the Castle Lite Ice Bar launch (at Zoo Lake) to have some vibe.
Brought to you by Castle Lite, the launch was an interactive experience that showcased the latest in music, fashion and sneaker spaces. Fans of the kulture and all things trendy, took advantage of the exclusive pieces while engaging with the coldest bar in Africa – #CASTLELITEICEBAR.

This was the focal point of the experience and it had guests such as DJ Warras, Denise Zimba, Ayanda MVP, Dream Team, Nape Phasha, Larryngitis as well as Gigi Lamayne interacting with excitement as they experienced sub-zero temperatures.

While the Ice Bar was the main attraction, a music exhibition surprised guests and added on to their excitement. Frank Casino, Priddy Ugly and Shane Eagle delivered some stellar performances on multiple stages around the venue.


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