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AKA reveals he wants to Fill Up FNB Stadium with Casper Nyovest


AKA reveals he wants to Fill Up FNB Stadium with Casper Nyovest

As long as he’s getting his cut .

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With few more weeks to go before Cassper Nyovest fills up FNB Stadium, AKA decided to bring something up.
The SupaMega made it official that he wouldn’t mind performing and filling up the +90 000 capacity venue with Cassper. Let’s not forget both rappers have a sour history of things and it has been going on for years now. Last year both rappers did some meet and hugging just after Cassper filled up Orlando Stadium.



Now onto this one, AKA put out a series of Tweets to say a few things about doing FillUp with Cassper:

“I wanna do fill up FNB with Tsibip. It’s time we put this shit to bed. It’s 2017 guys …,” AKA tweeted.

He further continued to say he’s up for it as long as he’s getting his cut out of this event.

“I just want my cheese. We don’t have to be best friends or nothing like that. But I KNOW that we respect each other on some level.”

To add to it, AKA had an interview with Azania on 702 earlier today, and says Cassper must just give him a million and he’s ready to Fillup; “Tell him to give me a million rands and let’s make this happen.”

Below are all the tweets from AKA…..which Cassper replied in simple “Just Buy a ticket Broer..” which even ended up being a trend backed by his fans. At this stage, we don’t know what to make of this, another publicity stunt? Could we surprisingly see AKA performing at the show?


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