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FANTA has a new funky and squeezed Bottle


FANTA has a new funky and squeezed Bottle

Now available nationwide.

Fanta is bringing a funky new look to their bottle, the biggest change in the brand’s history to date.

Fanta took this inspiration from the brand’s creative energy and will launch the new spiral bottle.The Spiral Bottle is an innovative and disruptive asymmetric design, reflecting the brand’s fruity, fun and vibrant nature. The bottle, replaces the traditional bubble design with a spiral version, that twists the plastic to form a unique, eye-catching shape, heralded by design groups as ‘super fresh’.

The best part about the new spiral bottle is that the idea originally came from teens – the Creative Director of DrinkWorks in London invited a bunch of teens to get creative and the result was the beginnings of a funky new spiral bottle.


Fanta’s new bottle innovation is an example of how the brand is energising the portfolio of leading brands and speaking directly to the teen market. The new bottle will feature across the 440ml and 300ml offerings. It will later be rolled out to other formats.


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