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Siyabonga Radebe to host a new dating reality show ‘Kheth’Omthandayo’


Siyabonga Radebe to host a new dating reality show ‘Kheth’Omthandayo’

Who will get it right? Who will fumble?

M-Net’s brand new channel, 1Magic has announced a new dating reality show Kheth’Omthandayo to premiere on Friday, 02 February 2017 on DStv channel 103.

TV star and comedian Siyabonga Radebe will be the host, the show will see a bachelor/bachelorette matched up with four potential suitors who will have to jump through different hoops before they can bag a date and possibly land the love of their lives.

This is no show for the faint hearted – the suitor will be put to the test by their potential love interest, family and their friends. In the first challenge, all four suitors will go through a questioning session by a panel that includes the love interest – whom they won’t know – and must prove why they could be the best “Ms/Mr” Right for the seeker. In the end, one suitor will be eliminated based on this interrogation, leaving three to battle it out for the affection of their potential bae.

The next segment will be a really tough one – trying to impress and convince a family member that they are ‘The One’ who can take care of their precious loved one’s heart. The challenge will be anything from physical agility to emotional intelligence, so the suitor will have to bring their A-Game along. No pressure! Only two admirers will be left standing after this gruelling round. Enter the love interest.

Based on what the bachelors/bachelorettes have learned about their potential love interest, they will have to come up with a date to top all dates. Who will get it right? Who will fumble? Who will walk off into the sunset hand-in-hand and who will do the walk of shame alone?

Look out for Kheth’Omthandayo on 1Magic (DStv Channel 103) from Friday, 2 February 2018, at 20:30.


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