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Black Coffee shares a clip of his visit in NYC – in studio with Akon & a stop at KITH


Black Coffee shares a clip of his visit in NYC – in studio with Akon & a stop at KITH

I love New York, I love coming to play here.


Here’s some inspirational story. The globally recognised DJ Black Coffee keeps on rising and he has recently shared a mini-documentary of his recent visit in New York.

The 1minute and 47seconds clip contrasts Black Coffee’s music lifestyle in New York – his first stop at Gospël – New York, which is a Social Club and he shared a bit of some info about that:

“Just got to New York, and had to go to the meeting that I was doing earlier. I’ve been invited to invest some money in that project. I’m one for finding different opportunities and different things.”

As a low-key sneakerhead, KITH is hands down one of the coolest stores Black Coffee likes visiting when he hits New York.

That is followed by an obvious stop at the studio with Senegalese-American rapper Akon until he jumps to Output (New York nightclub) for a 5-hour DJ set.

“Craaaaaaazy Night, the energy in the club was…I started playing from 1, it’s 5:15 now – really amazing, I haven’t slept in like two days, but I didn’t feel tired cause the energy in the room was so amazing and I love new york man.”

This is not the first time Black Coffe visits New York, take it back to last year when he shared another clip during a recording session in New York with Cassie and Diddy.

In the meantime enjoy the visual below and be inspired:


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