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Dear Gents: Things NOT TO BUY on Valentine’s Day – according to Ladies!


Dear Gents: Things NOT TO BUY on Valentine’s Day – according to Ladies!

It’s almost that time again, yep! Valentine’s Day is this week. We all cannot deny the struggle one can go through when deciding on a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for bae!
I mean you want to be creative time to time and stay away from the idea of buying boring gifts or the so-called ‘overrated’ stuff.

But to ease the pain for the gents, we had a chat with YMZ ladies and a number of ‘female’ personalities to share some valuable tips on what they expect and don’t on V’day. Expect no sugarcoating on this one, coz ladies love gifts and they deserve to be spoiled all the way, but the odds are you never really sure if you nailed it with that box of chocolates and flowers.



Well , here is what the ladies say:


Nomsa Madida (@nomsamadida)

I’m very simple. A romantic Dinner(it could be home or a great restaurant), flowers and time are very special to me. Besides, love should be celebrated daily and I get that daily… what not to get your girl this Vday: is not giving her your time and atleast flowers 🙁



Neo Mo’ (@neo_mo_)

Firstly Valentine’s Day is such a cliche… women have to hold their breathe for that one day that they could possibly feel loved or wanted in their relationship a day that you believe will patch up for all the wrongs done..anyway if my man and I were “fans of the day” for lack of a better term then I would want a gift that comes from the heart… do not go out of your way to buy me something too extravagant like diamonds or shoes🙄 a simple poem/love letter and a well thought out date will do.



Vusiwe Mashinini (@Vusiwe_M)

Don’t get distracted by the Valentines Day commercial clutter. We see them every year and everywhere without fail, in the form of those cheap teddy bears and sweets stuffed in the “I love you” mugs. And these make for the worst Valentines gifts ever.

I love anything tailored to my interests and likes because I know my partner has applied his mind in getting the gift.

Don’t fall into the trap of buying the lazy gifts (RED mugs, teddy bears, fake roses and chocolate with after taste.) Bespoke gifts always work some magic.



Nyakallo Tefu (@_nyakallotefu)

I love chocolate, good chocolate so please do not buy me those heart shaped chocolates that taste like the worst version of dark chocolate. I know its the thought that counts, but can the thought consider my taste, which is good chocolate.



Paballo Pasha (@_xo_parbie)

Valentine’s Day comes once in a year (arguable) . For a significant day like this, everything must be real, from Raw explicit feelings accompanied by real tangible gifts. We should probably take a break if you get me any of the following:
fake flowers
fake jewelry
fake love
cheap perfume
Food 🤦🏽‍♀️.
It is absolutely revolting and even more repulsive to get me one or a combo of the above mentioned. Yhu 😕



Azizzar Mosupi (@miss_azizzar)

Do NOT buy your girl (especially me) toiletry type goodies for Vday. You know – the all-in-one basket with bath salts, body wash, lotion and a cloth. Firstly, it begs the question ‘are you trying to send me a message?’ and it’s what people do for their mothers on Mother’s Day (even though they shouldn’t) so it definitely won’t get me wet to receive something fitting for your mother on what’s supposed to be one of the most romantic days of the year. Don’t be lazy – actually pay attention to what your girl likes and appreciates and roll with that.



Tshepang Mollison (@twiggymoli)

For a day like this, I really think it’s the thought that counts. DON’T get me something over the top but don’t get me flowers either, they look pretty for two seconds then they die and they also might have me sneezing for a good chunk of the day!
What I would appreciate; to be taken out on an ice-cream date OR a whole day of booty rubs and assorted donuts! 😜



Melissa Alves (@themelissaalves)

Teddy bears, I mean do I look 12? Just saying



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