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Chicco Twala hires social media experts to reveal true identity of @AdvBarryRoux parody account


Chicco Twala hires social media experts to reveal true identity of @AdvBarryRoux parody account

It’s on!

One of the most influential account on Black Twitter @AdvBarryRoux has caused an uproar.
The parody account has now become a nightmare for the legendary producer – Sello Chicco Twala, who has even decided to even launch a manhunt. @AdvBarryRoux recently posted some eye-catching and interesting claims regarding the unsolved murder case of Senzo Meyiwa.



The account has alleged that Twala’s son (Longwe) is the killer of Meyiwa and with the help of his father he has managed to stay away from being arrested.

The account further claimed that Twala’s firearm was the one used to kill Meyiwa. Since then, Chicco has been restless and wants to clear his name out of this. Weeks ago he posted a video requesting @AdvBarryRoux to reveal his true identity.

With no luck, Chicco has decided to hire forensic social media experts to reveal the real person behind the account.

Talking to SundayWorld, Twala said:
“I met with the forensic experts three weeks ago and I’m satisfied with the progress they have made so far. Soon we will know who this man is and the truth will come out.”

Well, @AdvBarryRoux didn’t even blink when seeing this report and hitback with a confident answer:

“Chicco Twala’s close friends who works at Sunday World already prepared a story they will publish as soon as I am arrested. Chicco I know everything you are planning, I am 19 steps ahead of you. I can tweet the story if I want but Good Lucky with the idiots you are working with”

posted on Twitter.

Well, seems battle is still on for the two parties, stay tuned as we see how it unfolds.

source: sundayworld newspaper (25 February 2018)


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