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MAXHOSA goes ahead with legal action against ZARA


MAXHOSA goes ahead with legal action against ZARA

Zara is currently taking a blow after being shamed for copying MAXHOSA’s (by Laduma Ngxokolo) signature design which got used on a sock range.

Since then, Zara has removed the range from their shelves and online store. But that did not stop Ngxokolo, who is taking legal action against Spanish retail.

“I’ve had a few copyright infringement cases in the past, and won majority of them, but @zara took this one to great extremes. My lawyers are dealing with this matter, fully understanding that this is Zara’s business model, regardless of such we will enforce our entitlement of laying criminal charges under the SA Copyright Act, 98,” he expressed.

EWN reports that Maxhosa has gone to Moore Attorneys to get some legal help.



Maxhosa has since consulted with Shane Moore and Muhammad Patel from Moore Attorneys, one of Africa’s
leading IP law firms who are handling the matter on Ngxokolo’s behalf.

They have sent a letter to Zara’s parent company alerting them of the copyright infringement and Maxhosa’s demands.

MAXHOSA range is appreciated by masses in South Africa and the world because of it’s unique look and the tasteful designs.

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