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Celebs who celebrated Mother’s Day


Celebs who celebrated Mother’s Day

A look at the heart-warming Mother’s Day posts

Today it was all about celebrating Mother’s Day and honouring those who play a mother figure role. And we made a list of local celebs who also celebrated the day sending sweet messages to their moms.

Here are celebs who celebrated Mother’s Day:

Today I am most grateful for the simplest thing… and that is to be able to pick up the phone, call you, have you answer, share a joke and laugh until our tummies hurt! My Queen, ngibonga uthando lwakho, even when I make mistakes you are quick with your forgiveness and slow in anger. I’ve watched you be confident, strong, witty, courageous, kind and free. Ma… that’s what you’ve taught me, freedom to be myself even if it makes the world uncomfortable, to carry my load with grace and TO LOVE PEOPLE… Thank you for raising me and loving me so well… Forever and always. 🌸 Happy Mothers


To my rock, my queen, the reason I continuously fight & live with purpose! I love & live to live in your memory and making you proud of the queen you’ve raised! Words cannot begin to express how grateful I am for all the sacrifices you made to give me a better life. I’m in tears writing this because you are the reason I AM 🙌🏽 uYimBokotho Yam Mandlovu! NdiyaKubongela kwaMandlovu



We mother by nurturing beyond those we have brought into the world. Such powerful words 🙏🏽 Blessed beyond to have my 2 mothers’ love and guidance. Happy Mother’s Day


Thank you for being the best mom. I love you so much. Thank you for being patient with me and teaching me the values of life. To respect, love and care for everyone around me. You have raised a champion, you are such a champion. MaNgobese. Usebenzile ngokukhulisa uMalume.


I am proud of many things in my life, but nothing beats being their mother. I love you Zani & Zaya. Thank you God for choosing me



I just wanna say thank God for this incredible gift, my little @kairo.forbes. So proud & blessed to be your mom. I love you.


My job is to make her proud of me everyday …. happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Queen Mothers. An even more special shout out to the greatest Queen Mommy I’ve ever known. @modiehithulo I am the most blessed girl to have so much strength, love, knowledge and compassion wrapped in one being. My mom is the most resilient, strongest, hard working, kindest, most independent and loving person I have ever come to know. I am because she is. All my best qualities are a reflection of her. I am eternally grateful that our souls chose each other to travel this earth together. By the way, I’m still waiting for the GPS coordinates to the Fountain of Youth, asomblief! I love you so much and I pray that the woman I’m becoming makes you proud because it’s all you.


Being tasked to be your mother is the greatest responsibility of all but the most fulfilling purpose of my life and the greatest gift and blessing . I thank the Lord above for choosing me to be your mom. I love you more than anything on this earth and the entire universe ❤️🌺
Happy Mother’s Day to all the queen


Happy Mother’s Day to my Moms❤️ I have two now 🎉 So blessed with unconditional love, I couldn’t have asked for better I love you both sooooo much ❤️ Happy Mother’s Day


HAPPY MOTHERS DAY @djzinhle 🌸 Thank You for giving birth to; and helping me raise our superstar of a daughter 🎀❤️


My biggest cheerleader, my heart, my Queen! A Happy Mother’s Day to my mother! Thank you for walking this journey with me mom, thank you for always going the extra mile! Thank you for always reminding me how strong & powerful I am


Happy Mother’s Day Mama. Thank you so much for being the amazing, crazy, loving, strongest & most unselfish person I know. I love you more than you’ll ever know. Thank for you for all that you do & for being an amazing grandmother to Sibabalwe. We love you


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