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A$AP Bari teases VLONE Merch for South Africa


A$AP Bari teases VLONE Merch for South Africa

Includes T-shirt and Hoodie.

VLONE founder A$AP Bari has something special for Mzansi.

Bari took to Instagram to unveil an exclusive SA-themed VLONE Merch which includes a Tee and a Hoodie.



The tee features a bold ‘FRIENDS-‘ writing, highlighted by a print of a South African flag.  The hoodie features a full South African flag print, while the ‘FRIENDS-‘ writing appears in white and the ‘V’ at the back.

For now, just know that a pop-up store might be coming soon – so stay tuned for more info.

VLONE is headed by A$AP Bari, A$AP Rocky and CLOT’s Edison Chen, VLONE is not just as a clothing line, but a real lifestyle, which can be summarised with the mantra: “Live alone, die alone”.

The whole meaning behind the ‘FRIENDS-‘ the minus writings on them: “If you minus anything it’s “zero.” Minus life. Minus style. Minus food. Anything you put a minus to, you end up with zero. So the whole meaning behind the T-shirt is that “minus friends” means “zero friends”. So, like an obsession, the idea behind the brand “Live alone, die alone” returns again and again.



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