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Google’s new Assistant makes phone calls on your behalf


Google’s new Assistant makes phone calls on your behalf

It sounds natural, like a real person.

Google Duplex is another key example why people need to keep up with technology.
Google recently demonstrated their new AI assistant – which makes phone calls on your behalf, Yes! it sounds natural, like a real person.

On their demonstration, the voice assistant is heard calling a hair salon to book an appointment, having a real conversation with the receptionist – and in no way, you would notice it’s an AI. To make it worse, Google added the casually used “mmhmmm” in the conversation.



With this, Google wants to let the AI help users to help users make restaurant reservations, schedule hair salon appointments over the phone. When done with the call, it can give you a confirmation notification saving your appointment.

CEO Sundar Pichai revealed the AI will arrive as an experiment in few weeks.

“We’ve been working on this technology for many years, It’s called Google Duplex. It brings together all our investment over the years in natural language understanding, deep learning, text-to-speech,” Pichai said.

In the video below, Tech YouTuber – MKBHD shows us how Duplex works and further explains how far it can go:


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