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Multichoice is dumping VOOTV


Multichoice is dumping VOOTV

VOOTV, a channel which was a go-to-spot for influencers is being removed from Dstv.

The channel arrived on Dstv in November as the world’s first TV channel integrated and powered by content created in the VOOV app.

While VOOVTV offered a fresh take on TV, and produced learnings that are already influencing the future of TV production, it didn’t gain the traction anticipated. As from 31 July 2018, VOOTV will stop airing on DStv.


The channel gave fans an opportunity to interact with celebrities as the featured VJ via the VOOV app and see their comments and virtual gifts appear on TV.

VOOV is owned and operated by Tencent in China, which is part of the Naspers Group.


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