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Shelflife welcomes Dime Brand to their stores


Shelflife welcomes Dime Brand to their stores

Dime is now available at Shelflife



Shelflife expanded their footprint to the City of Joburg three years ago, housing various brands from Kappa, FILA, Nike, Converse, Jordan Brand, Adidas, Vans, Carhartt to mention a few.

Adding to their accomplishments, Shelflife has recently acquired the Montreal-based label Dime brand to their stores and, they already have Dime Apparel which includes (hoodies, crewnecks, field jackets, tees and caps) on their online store.

For those who don’t know about the brand, spare a minute and brief yourself below:

Among all the hip skateboarding companies that try to beat each other in terms of who’s the most authentic, Montreal’s Dime really stands out as one of the most remarkable upcoming skateboarding brands there is.

Its founders Antoine Asselin and Phil Lavoie started Dime as a blog when they were fifteen years old, posting shaky video clips and other fun stuff on a highly irregular basis. Taking their Dior-style font, Dime started applying the simple logo to tees and hoodies. Soon pieces began being seen on celebrities like Virgil Abloh. And people knew this was the start of something. The brand has grown its offering since to include crazy graphics, fleeces and even yellow hard hats and toasters. 

So, without any waste of time let’s check out below some of the dope pieces that are available on

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