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DJ Sbu releases a new book ‘The Art of Hustling’


DJ Sbu releases a new book ‘The Art of Hustling’

Sell or Surrender.

DJ Sbu who is currently the talk of the town, since the return of Mzekezeke, has launched a new book titled ‘The Art of Hustling: Sell or Surrender.’
This is Sbu’s 3rd book after releasing two top-sellers; The Leadership 2020 : The Beginning (2014) and Billionaire$ Under Construction (2017).

In this book, Sbu shares the secrets to cultivating this irresistible quality. Using events that have shaped his own life, he reveals how a positive outlook, resilience, hard work and determination can help you win in every sphere.



This inspiring read also acts as a practical handbook, showing you how to apply The Art of Hustling to become a winning salesperson. It is DJ Sbu’s firm belief that, if you know how to sell, you will never go hungry. He also believes that this simple skill holds the key to solving Africa’s considerable unemployment problem.

His passion for youth development comes through loud and clear in this easy-to-read, easy-to-use handbook. Full of practical examples, sound advice and no-nonsense insights, it’s a must-have for every person who wishes to further their lives and their careers, whether in the corporate world or starting out on an entrepreneurial journey.

A copy is priced at R200 and currently available to buy at bookstores; Exclusive Books, CNA, Takealot and one can purchase a bulk through


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