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DJ Cleo angers South Africans after showing support to Brickz


DJ Cleo angers South Africans after showing support to Brickz

Twitter: dj_cleo

DJ Cleo has caused a stir and angered many people, especially on social media.
This occurred after the famous jock visited Brickz (convicted rapist and kwaito star) in prison, and shared a controversial post.

The two shared a moment during a soccer match at Krugersdorp Correctional Services facility, where Brickz is serving 15 years for rape.

Sharing the moment on Twitter, Cleo posted photos of him and Brickz with a caption “We all run our own races, he fell along the way….but the race is not over”.


The post has since received a major backlash and left many people angry. Jumping on this wagon; Boity Thulo has also slammed Cleo for his post.

“To all the psychopaths in my mentions defending Cleo/Bricks, you can go jump off the highest cliff. Until some evil cunt rapes your little sister (or some1 u love) you will continue being a raggedy ass rape apologist because you don’t give a flying fuck about the victim!! Tsek!”





Dj Cleo reacted that this is to support and motivate prisoners and he refuses to entertain any negative spin for his good deeds.

“I have partnered with the correctional services and few other stakeholders to contribute to the positive rehabilitation of similar inmates.
– if that’s deemed as condoning and supporting criminals then so be it. I refuse to entertain any negative spin to my good deeds.”

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