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A LOOK INSIDE: Sandton City’s fully revamped and trendy Food district


A LOOK INSIDE: Sandton City’s fully revamped and trendy Food district

Sandton City has fully revamped its food district giving it a classy and eye-catching overall look.

The revamp showcases an Instagram worthy, eco-fashionable Food District with more green nature elements, wooden feel and lights around the area. The new food district features a number of sitting areas, and designed differently. There are also arranged bins for throwing away Paper, Plastic, Metal and Waste. Food lovers who are at this district now have access to easily placed wall plugs to plugin devices and secured-mobile charging station.





Tia Kanakakis, of MDS Architecture, describes the design:

“The interior design concept was one that would make Sandton City’s food court unique to many, and was inspired by responding to the way food needs and wants have evolved over the years. The artisanal nature of food today has inspired the look and feel for the new food court, where natural elements such as landscaping, green features, and sustainable design have been included in the concept. This design inspiration is aligned to the idea of ‘artisanal food, green design and the juxtaposition of new and old’ to create a bespoke food district. Natural materials are being used as far as possible, natural and petrified landscaping is an integral part of this design”.



The food court boasts simple, yet effective elements that contribute to Sandton City’s sustainability efforts.




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