Connect with us shoppers hit by Phishing Scam – asking for their Credit Card Details

News shoppers hit by Phishing Scam – asking for their Credit Card Details

What happened?

Online fashion and retail Superbalist announced a Pishing Scam attack this week that affected around a number of its customer base. The company said its currently working with the relevant authorities to fully investigate the attack – which affected a limited number of customers.

The term ’phishing’ is a spin on the word fishing, which criminals are dangling a fake ’lure’ (the message that looks legitimate, as well as the website that looks legitimate) hoping users will ’bite’ by providing the information the criminals have requested – such as credit card numbers, account numbers, passwords, usernames, and more.



The obvious question is how did the attackers get hold of customers personal details (names, email addresses, phone numbers)? However, the company said with certainty that no customers’ credit card details or any other payment information, were leaked.

The Pishing attack took place between 24 February and 25 February 2019, during which time an “unauthorized third party” sent out email and SMSes asking customers to update their payment details – and unfortunately some of the customers fell victim to this scam.

The SMS/Email read: Hi Dear Customer. Your refund for will be processed, please update your payment information …{followed by a link} which directed customers to some sort of identical domain, spelled with double ‘l’ instead of the letter ‘i’. The page contained a duplicated Superbalist checkout page, asking users to enter their Card Details.



Well, without taking note of the suspicious domain, a number of customers took a bite then went ahead to put in their Card details.



Superbalist noted that the domain linking to the fake website has since been flagged. The company is also currently investigating the matter.

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