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#Woolieswaterchallenge has taken over Twitter after someone sipped Woolies water


#Woolieswaterchallenge has taken over Twitter after someone sipped Woolies water

#Woolieswaterchallenge has taken over South African Twitter following the water video that has gone viral.

Yesterday, Twitter user @Bab_Sinkila together with friends shared a cracking video after drinking Woolworths water. In the video, the group is seen going out of the store, and they’re talking in Zulu and easy English. And after they all sip on Woolies water, they change their accent and goes deeper into English terms such as; listen to the articulation…, metamorphosis, photosynthesis, the key components of communication to mention a few.



Social Media users have since enjoyed the video and the idea that when you drink Woolies water, you then speak proper English.

The video has been shared by users and celebrities such as Anele Mdoda, Pearl Thusi, Vusi Thembekwayo, Thuli Phongolo, and DJ Fresh to mention a few. Jumping on the ship Woolworths has also responded to the video, showing interest in working with the boys.

The hashtag #Woolieswaterchallenge has taken over Twitter with users participating in the challenge. See tweets here.



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