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A LOOK INSIDE: newly-refreshed Shelflife (JHB) store


A LOOK INSIDE: newly-refreshed Shelflife (JHB) store

Features a Glass Display Tower, modern Vending Machine, 4-way Mirror photo booth


On Tuesday, 12 March 2019 Shelflife re-opened their newly refreshed store at the brand new location within Rosebank.

The store is now located next to Rosebank Mall district and The Zone, with a host of new brands and a fresh interior, breathing new life into the long-standing streetwear retailer.

The newly designed store spans two floors, the first level is the main entrance and you will have to hop on the stairs to get to the upper level which is the retail space of the store.



When you enter the retail area, you’re captured by the modern eye-pleasing aesthetics and well-lighted interior. The interior is mainly taken by the tall glass display tower placed on the center of the store. The glass display tower also takes the spotlight for displaying the latest and exclusive sneakers. One side features sneaker wall, with the other side presenting racks of clothing from labels like Patta, Carhartt, Dime, Reebok Classics amongst others.

Shoppers can enjoy snacks, sweets, cool drink from the vending machine. Other exciting features include the 4-way mirror perfect for taking photos, as well as a mini screen to browse products. The store also boasts accessories like watches, sunglasses, sneaker + fashion magazines/books housed in display pedestals.

The Store is surrounded by several other cool destinations such as Starbucks, Andiccio 24, Postnet, Newscafe, Europa.

Take a look at the newly-refreshed Shelflife store by browsing the images below, also enjoy the visual above.




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