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Twitter introduces an improved camera, almost like Instagram


Twitter introduces an improved camera, almost like Instagram

Twitter has a camera to allow users to share photos and videos.
One can even say they’re just aiming for same Instagram feel with this one. On the latest version of the Twitter app, users can swipe left while on their timeline, and the camera will appear, allowing users to take a photo or video (by holding the snap button for long). Users also have an option to do a live broadcast, by clicking on ‘live’ button.



Photos and videos captured using the new camera will get special visual treatment inside Twitter. Once you’ve snapped your image, a colorful chyron appears on top, ready to add an optional location and caption. You can change the chyron from the default blue to one of five other colors.

Twitter will also search the area around you for events where you might be tweeting.

Without a doubt, Twitter is giving its users better tools. As much as this can seem like a gun to Instagram, Twitter also wants its users to share more photo and video content straight on the platform. This is a great move for them, by centralizing all the tool in one place.

source: The Verge



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