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PUMA RS-X TRACKS: Talking Music with Spook Lenzo


PUMA RS-X TRACKS: Talking Music with Spook Lenzo

Talking Music with Spook Lenzo : PUMA RS-X TRACKS


Photography: thabothabiso

Product: PUMA RS-X Tracks




A lover of fashion and music, Spook Lenzo takes us through the trials and tribulations of his musical journey and shares his tips and tricks for managing his busy life.

To go with his story Spook Lenzo laced up the ‘Gray Violet / Charcoal Gray’ PUMA RS-X Tracks– and how do the kicks relate to the music culture? PUMA has been doing well in blending an active lifestyle with musical creativity since the beginning of time as music and sneakers have always been a combination.

This time around, PUMA is honouring the power of the art that is ‘MUSIC’ – the RS-X Tracks is an obvious testament to this relationship between sneakers and music as PUMA has taken its creative process to the new level, embedding and combining activeness into music from creation to performance.

Evolution is exactly what the RS-X is about and that’s why the popular model was chosen as the base for this story.

Name: Spook Lenzo
City: Joburg
Interests: Art, Music, and Fashion


How did you get the name Spook?
I started using this name when I was in high school. That was like my a.k.a  name “Spook Lenzo. This was the times when Gandhi Square was a place for young people from different schools could meet up and network after school. Dope activities were happening at Gandhi every Friday without a memo,  so since I was schooling at Highlands North, I was caught up in those vibes and had to have a dope name as a beatboxer…Lol.

Basically, my real name is Leonard, the gave me my grandfathers who passed on before I was born. So I discovered he is a ghost👻 So I took that I’m the living “Spook” that’s where the whole concept of my name comes from.


Tell us about your music journey and how did it all start?

My love for music started at a young age. I remember those moments my dad would bump that good music like Reggae, Jazz and Hip Hop and many more other records so that inspired my love for music.

At a later stage (around 2012) that’s when I got interested in learning how to create music beats – got myself some equipment for my first ever music studio which was located in Yeoville, ever since I have been doing best to improve my production and rapping skills.


In this digital age where almost everything is just a click away – how has the digital world/internet helped you build your music career?

Internet helps me a lot in my music career and business. Like when I started making beats I was clueless and platforms like YouTube came through for me and it was easy to search something like “How to make beats for beginners” lol that s**t was so helpful.




How do u think the Internet changed the way people consume music? Do you still believe in buying music (CDs, Vinyls)…considering there’s a bunch of streaming services?

The internet has changed a lot of things, and since people are now streaming music which has killed the market of digital copies.

But I still believe here in Africa people buy CDs coz most households have CD players and also all some cars still have CD players so the culture of CDs is still alive. CDs and Vinyls are now collector’s items.

Who were some of your favourite artists/ rappers growing up?

I grew up listening to a lot of Reggae, and Hip Hop, the likes of Bob Marley, Shabba Ranks, 2 Pac, 50 Cent, Kanye West to mention a few. Those artists inspired me a lot based on how their music was nicely produced.

Lil Wayne and Soulja Boy were also some of my favourite new age hip hop artists, their sound was easy and it motivated me and a group of young people to actually start producing music using Fruity Loops.

Being an artist, DJ, entrepreneur one can imagine that life may be extra hectic. How do you balance it all and take time for yourself?

Lol, that’s true sometimes life becomes hectic with all these titles, so the best for me I do plan my schedule and always making sure my days are well organized. In most times I would write down my To-do list in a diary and also set up small-term goals to help achieve my plans.

I do enjoy everything I do so I make sure to always make time for all those things that I love and as a single father, to a 4-year-old daughter, I also make time for family and loved ones. This helps me to be even more motivated to my daily dose of creativity.


How would you describe your music and fashion style?

My music and fashion go hand in hand coz music and fashion have always been a complex thing. Fusing my music and fashion, my style has always been new era mixed with a bit of old school feel and look.

Growing up in the 90s and Y2K made me understand my style even better, that’s why my fashion style is about the vintage look with an urban twist. And even with my music its’a bit of both old school touch and new school feel.


Tell us a little about the SPOOKGEAR label + where did the inspiration come from?

I started my label in the streets of Joburg. I remember the first batch of merchandise, was just 5 snapbacks anT-shirts. This merch was for my graphic design freelancing uniform and as soon as I started wearing these items that’s when I discovered SpookGear.

Then a lot of people fell in love with my label and that’s when the demand started picking up and I even discovered my love for clothing. Labels like G-Unit, Roca Wear, Phat Farm, LRG, Fila, PUMA, Nike & Fubu and some local brands like Loxion Kulca, Amakipkip really inspired me a lot coz those brands have been out there producing dope quality pieces.


One of your latest singles “Take A Photo Post” is a funky song. Can you share your creative process behind your songs?

Lol so it goes like this on the chorus
“ Take a Photo Post
Instagram Post, Facebook Post post
Take a Photo Post
Twitter swag Post it, Whatsapp Post, Post”
Lol yeah so the song it’s about

When I was making this song it comes from the feeling of always taking photos and posting them on social media…Lol, it’s funny how people react when you post dope pics. So from there, that’s when I discovered the lingo and it was stuck in my head, also the line “take a photo post” relates a lot to me…when someone is buying some of my clothing items,  I would ask them to take a photo and post and tag me.

Then one of the days I just decided to work on the beat for the concept of the song and while in the process one of my friends @k_toozle pulled up and he liked the groove of the song and he asked if he could be part of it, then that’s how we made the song.

Any upcoming projects we can look forward to? Tell us about your upcoming project, the creative process like for this one, and what are your hopes for it??

Yeah, I’m currently working on my EP, been recording this project for the longest time. But surely this year I would like to drop this EP for the people to hear my sound and I’m also planning to drop some visuals for “Take A Photo Post”.

Ony my upcoming EP, so far I’m working with a lot of upcoming artists like Rosemary RORO Zimu, NiceyBeats, GizzStar, Satara Rosa, James Hadi to mention a few.


You live in Joburg, the city that never sleeps. What are some of your favourite spots in the city?

I love Jozi, my favourite places are those that serve good music and good music.
My first place has to be my hood Maboneng, it has dope restaurants and chilled spots for a drink. You know ‘Shakers’ turn it up till late. Dining at Pata Pata is a must when you want that African Cusine.

I also like Rosebank the Zone, Sumo is my favorite spot for a massive turn up and a young networking vibe lol. And I also like hanging out in Braamfontein. You never go wrong with ‘Great Dane’ and ‘Kitchener’s’ on a weekend…you know it’s a vibe with the students.


I love what PUMA is doing and with the RS-X Tracks it is very exciting + for the music culture, this plays a big role in our everyday life for daily wear.

I honestly feel like this silhouette is the one for the youth.


OWNING A PAIR ALREADY, HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE SILHOUETTE? (design, comfort, construction, fit,)

I really like this silhouette as part of my collection and the simple colours do it for me. They’re easy to style with most of my pieces in my closet  – the comfort of the shoe is amazing you, whether walking or standing they’re perfect for everyday wear.

The fit for me is perfect. I rock a size 9, so it was not hard to put on the kicks.


Ranking the PUMA RS-X Tracks
Looks: 8/10
Comfort: 10/10
Construction + Design: 8/10
Fit: 10/10

Inspired by the evolution of music in this digital age, the latest addition to the PUMA RS-X range features aggressive, future-retro design elements that aptly play to the reinvention of music culture.

The shoe is built with a mesh and textile upper, RS-X Tracks is decked with stylish leather overlays. Fitted with the OG RS technology on the midsole, the sneaker is embossed with a textile heel piece and moulded sockliner with specific RS PUMA branding.

You can pick up the PUMA RS-X Tracks  at:

  • PUMA stores
  • Sportscene
  • X-Trend
  • Side Step
  • Superbalist
  • The Office
  • and independent retailers.

The retail price is set at R1999.


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