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Riky Rick talks money and spending habits: ‘Fashion is the fastest way to burn money’


Riky Rick talks money and spending habits: ‘Fashion is the fastest way to burn money’

Riky Rick recently stopped by on The Money Show (702) to chat with Bruce Whitfield about his relationship with money.

In this interview, the rapper talks about his journey in the music space and the childhood days. But more interesting the finance lessons throughout his career and how he manages that.

He expresses that in a household the communication should exist when it comes to money, and children should know where their parents stand financially.

‘My biggest take away is like you always have to speak about money, it’s not a taboo to speak about money within a household.’



He further expresses that he always reminds his kids; daughter (10) and son (5) that they have to work early for anything that they want to pursue.

Caught up between the life of a hip hop act and a massive consumer, Riky agrees he also has the worst consumption habit which is fashion.

‘My worst consumption habit stems from my biggest love and my biggest joy too, which is fashion… it’s the fastest way to burn money!’

Although he buys a bunch of clothes and pieces, Riky says he keeps his wardrobe very small, and gives away the clothes once he no longer have use for them.

If you missed the chat, you can stream the full interview here.


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