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PODCAST: Tech Talk Ep 9 – Social Media Addiction & Depression


PODCAST: Tech Talk Ep 9 – Social Media Addiction & Depression

Social Media has become an essential tool to help individuals communicate easily and share content on a daily basis.
But using Social Media today comes with its perks and negative habits. Many users are caught up on the Internet and their smartphones for hours and hours and are not even aware they’re addicted.

Social Media addiction is a serious case today, and could soon be declared a disease. The addiction can also be subjected to depression and mental health issues.



Today, many young Social Media users are depressed because of the pressures and life they observe on Social Media. In this episode, we talk about the entire subject of Social Media addiction and the causes of it. And most importantly are we all addicted? How much is enough and normal?

We also catch up on the latest news:

– Netflix is testing ‘Top 10’ list on their streaming service
– WhatsApp Business launches for iPhone users
– Apple kills its wireless charging device ‘Air Power’

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