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Clorets introduces new Citrus Mint flavour


Clorets introduces new Citrus Mint flavour

‘Breathe Out Proudly’

Fresh breath chewing gum – Clorets is introducing an entirely new flavour and combo for you to enjoy.
The new Citrus Mint flavour has ingredients such as actizol and chlorophyll that actively eliminates bad breath.

“We are very excited to reveal our new Citrus Mint flavour. Clorets gum is a simple and effective way to freshen breath, which in turn boosts confidence in your day-to-day activities” says Trushann Thomas, Category Brand Manager for Gum.

A leader in its category, Clorets is the only brand that has been proven to not just mask bad breath, but to eliminate the odour, through a combination of its scientifically-tested winning formula.

The new Clorets Citrus Mints will be available at selected wholesalers from 29 April 2019.


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