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Here are key features for Sony’s upcoming PS5


Here are key features for Sony’s upcoming PS5

Rumoured to release in 2020.

Sony is getting ready for its next gen console, which in this case is the PS5.

The company has confirmed a number of features in their latest investors’ relations report presentation, which was published on their official website.

Here are key features we noted about the PS5:

– It will offer backwards compatibility to play old games
Unlike PlayStation 4 which doesn’t let gamers play their ageing PS3 discs, PS5 will allow gamers to play PS4 games. Further, the PlayStation VR headset will be compatible with the PS5.

– PS5 will come with an all-new CPU and GPU
The new console will be powered by 7nm chips, AMD’s Ryzen CPU and Navi GPU.

– New SSD storage
This means PS5 will come packed with a solid-state drive (SSD) meaning load times will be faster on the console



– GPU will support Ray Tracing and 8K resolutions
The GPU is a custom variant and will support ray tracing, and will support 8K graphics.

– The PS5 will come with a new 3D Audio chip
Along with the faster upgrades and features, PS5 will be packed with custom 3D audio chip, delivering the best gaming experience.

It is not yet confirmed when the console will release, but 2019 is definitely out of the books, leaving 2020 as the strong possible release year. The Wall Street Journal reporter, Takashi Mochizuki confirmed there will be no launch over next 12 months.


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