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ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Mthunzi releases his debut single ‘Vuka’


ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Mthunzi releases his debut single ‘Vuka’

Signed to El World Music.

Mthunzi is the rising talent who’s on the spotlight for his debut single “VUKA”, roughly translated as “wake up” or “arise”.
As a rising star on the local stage he joins the likes of Simmy and Sun-El Musician on El World Music and has already shown his grit with a fresh take on Afro Pop and Afro Soul.

From working in a bakery to stepping into the limelight Mthunzi has quickly proven his ability to formulate an easily appreciated style and has a fast-growing following, indicating that “VUKA” will be a meaningful launching point for many more inspirational tracks.



With a powerful desire to inspire and motivate people of all ages to look beyond everyday selfish ambition, and to move towards a greater sense of community and truly follow their dreams, the single “VUKA” is Mthunzi’s first shout out to the world to “wake up” to reality and its challenges. Sung in Zulu, the song carries a strong message which merges alluring rhythm, bold lyrics and a phat load of soul. Add to that a taste of live guitar, deep and dark bass plus a good dash of hip hop and you have a new approach to the genre. Mixing these sounds and making use of the Maskandi vibe, Mthunzi shows great promise as a well talented singer, composer and songwriter.

Mthunzi is elated about this collaboration and said, “I am so excited to be working with El World and Universal Music. Being the new kid on the block and having the chance to launch my new single “VUKA” which best describes me as a singer, gives me the chance to showcase my new mix of genres to a South African audience.”

Sun-El Musician created the El World label with the idea of promoting young emerging musical talent who have an important message to convey, music with substance which oozes innovative style. With “VUKA” Mthunzi ticks all the boxes. The label will help to push this young artist to reach above and beyond his innate potential.


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