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A LOOK INSIDE: Marko D’s Sneaker Room Setup


A LOOK INSIDE: Marko D’s Sneaker Room Setup

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Having a dope sneaker room is a fantasy for most of the sneakerheads – after all, it’s about how you put it together so it can look staggering.

With that in mind, the latest setup that caught our attention is this one by Marko D (photographer from Edmonton, Canada).



This ultimate sneaker room + desk setup is one of the coolest sneaker rooms, featuring a variety of sneakers, accessories, as well as a fresh desk set up in the middle of the room.

A true fan of the Three Stripes brand, his sneaker collection consists of a whole bunch of YEEZYs, NMDs, UltraBOOSTs, and they are nicely placed on a mounted IKEA picture ledge. In addition, the sneakers are well colour-coordinated and put into a different category to give the room a nice consistent gradient look.

For someone whose into Tech, his sit/stand desk setup is one of the most outstanding features in the room, as well as the Fishtank occupied by Daft Punk Bearbricks floating inside. There is also a custom mini-fridge which carriers variety of Red Bulls flavours, perfect for long nights.

Do spare just less than 15 minutes and check out the entire video tour below:




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