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Here are some of the craziest things that will happen if Social Media shuts down


Here are some of the craziest things that will happen if Social Media shuts down


A month ago we have experienced some downtime from platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter affecting lots of users across the world. Call it a nightmare for some people coz’ their lives are incomplete without Social Media.



When such occurs, one can imagine what will happen if there could be a Social Media blackout – Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp all down! So below we have rounded some of the craziest things that will go down if Social Media blackout could hit the universe:


people will be so depressed! For a lot of people, MEMES mean the world, so imagine a day without them and without a  little laughing.



Lunch or Dinner won’t be a vibe, coz’ there’s no one to show it to


I bought a car pose

Buying a pose car won’t be highly exciting coz’ you won’t be able to stunt on your friends and followers. One won’t be looking forward to taking that pic in front of the car, all smiles, with the flowers



Soccer Tweets

Soccer games won’t be exciting too without social media commentators and the memes thrashing the team that lost!


Love lives here!

Relationships will be such a bore and so norm…there won’t be any #CoupleGoals inspiration


On the other note, imagine your phone with no notifications

Birthdays will be easily forgotten coz’ there won’t be Facebook to remind people about your bday


A lot of people will suffer from a phobia of missing out on what’s trending on Twitter, reading news


Breakfast views

Going to vacation or baecation without your friends & followers not knowing – will that count?

instagram: gfred614 / tymichele_


Ouch! the so-called Instagram models and social media influencers will start looking for real jobs before they go broke & officially unemployed.

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