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ZARA launches online in South Africa with local influencers excited


ZARA launches online in South Africa with local influencers excited

Fashion retailer Zara has launched online in South Africa, now allowing shoppers to shop online.

Local customers can now shop for clothing and accessories through ZARA app and web online store with ZAR pricing.

On the store, customers can shop for women, men and kids collection, as well as some exclusive items specifically for the local market.

To make a buzz in South Africa, the retailer has decided to use the popular influencer marketing. While a number of local influencers couldn’t be part of the launch campaign, ZARA remains to be the talk of the town for launching online – which has been anticipated by many.



It seems the campaign selected a bunch of nano influencers, those with a decent following, while those with sky-rocketing huge followers were skipped. Since this morning, Twitter has been a buzz with ZARA taking top spot in trending topics.

In this case, most of Macro and Micro-influencers were left behind, creating an interesting shift in the industry. For so long, influencers with a huge following have been considered, but this is an interesting move to see a global brand opting for Nano influencers. It is without a doubt, they’re getting their return on investment, the launch is a buzz across social media.

Most influencers we gifted with shopping voucher in exchange for posts.



The announcement marks an important milestone in the expansion of ZARA’s integrated store and online platform into markets where it already has a store presence.

When browsing online, customers are also able to check the availability of the item at any store in South Africa, as well as see recommended products.

Customers in South Africa can choose between collecting their orders at the store of their choice, at one of the drop-off points, or have their parcel delivered to their home.

Collecting items at a branch within three to six working days is free. Collection at drop-off points or at home is free for orders over R999, and takes three to six working days. Customers will have the possibility of returning purchased items at stores or drop-off points within a 30-day period, as well as exchanging items at the stores during the same period.

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.





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