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Instagram now supports Dark Mode


Instagram now supports Dark Mode

Everything Dark Mode!

While iPhone users are still hyped about the Dark Mode feature which comes with iOS13 update, more apps are also going that route.
Instagram is the latest social media app to support the Dark Mode.

There have been a number of apps which have already jumped on the Dark Mode wave, including Twitter.

Now Instagram users can enjoy the dark mode version while scrolling through their feed and checking out content on the app.



Users will need to update to the latest version of Instagram to get the Dark Mode feature.

Apple rolled out the iOs13 last month introducing the Dark Mode, a new dark color scheme that works system-wide and across all native apps to deliver a great viewing experience, especially in low-light environments. Dark Mode is available to third-party app developers for integration into their own apps and can be scheduled to turn on automatically at sunset or at a certain time.


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