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Instagram kills the “Following” Tab, no more stalking!


Instagram kills the “Following” Tab, no more stalking!

No more stalking other kids!

You won’t be able to see some of the activities your mates get up to, like which photos they liked, commented on or who they followed – coz Instagram just killed the ‘following tab’.

Thanks to Instagram for this one, it always felt kinda weird for the followers to be able to check up on my activities, which photos I liked or commented on…seriously that was uncool.



Many users had already lost access to the tab. After the tab’s removal, you’ll only see your own activity, as before, when you click the Heart button.

If you haven’t updated your Instagram app you will come across this message when clicking on the Following Tab:

“To focus on our most-used features, we’re removing Following Activity. Update your app to see the new Activity tab.”

The company says the Following tab is being removed starting today, but it will take the rest of the week for the rollout to complete.


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