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This is what happens when you re-upload a video for 1000 times on YouTube


This is what happens when you re-upload a video for 1000 times on YouTube

Here’s a test.

Youtube has for years been a go-to platform for all-round video content.
The Google-owned platform has many mechanics it uses to serve users with video content uploaded. Many users who upload videos on the platform don’t even care much about what goes behind the scenes.

Take for example a video file you’re about to upload is 6GB, what you don’t know is that people on the platform are not watching that 6GB file. Can you imagine how much space it will cost Google to store tons of that data being uploaded on a daily basis?



Youtube compresses each file all the way down, but while still maintaining the quality for users to watch in different resolutions (4K, 1080…).

But how hectic is this compression and can this be tested?

Famous Tech YouTuber, Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD decided to put it all to test by uploading a video to YouTube, downloaded it, and then uploaded that downloaded video to YouTube- he repeated this continuously for 1000 times.

What you will notice is that the video compression algorithm divides the video into a bunch of smaller blocks or groups of pixels. Then hops to frame by frame, and if a block of pixels remains the same through multiple frames, it will know that it does not have to do much of the compression.

Watch the entire process and explanation by MKBHD:


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